When You’ve Been Hurt

Getting hurt in life is inevitable; staying hurt is a choice. You can decide to remain a victim by dwelling on it, or use the experience to grow stronger and wiser. God never forces healing on you, even when you’re hurting. You must want to get well and make a conscious decision that by God’s […]

It’s a New Year Y’all

Happy New Year! It’s hard for us to believe that a new year has arrived and already 11 days into it. We accomplished our goal for 2014 of launching this website to provide support to rape and sexual assault survivors around the world. We only had the one goal and we met it but 2015 is going […]

A New Beginning

Today, November 20, 2014 is the launch of our website RapeVine.com. Four years ago today I was raped and as you can imagine our lives were changed forever.  We refuse to let this date continue to control our emotions and so we created a new event to mark the day. We look forward to celebrating […]

Everyday is Another Recovery Day

I was only going to do one post today but I have to share this perfect example that we will always be in recovery. I live in a small town, my rape happened in this small town, my rapists lives in this small town, and the trial took place in this small town. I am […]

How the Criminal Justice System is Failing Sexual Assault Victims

It was 2 days before I reported my rape and filed charges against the rapist. It took the whole first day (Sunday) for me to figure out that I had been raped, which is an affect from the “drug” that I believe I was given. On Monday morning, I decided that I would go to […]

Acquaintance Rape?

Definition: Acquaintance assault involves coercive sexual activities that occur against a person’s will by means of force, violence, duress, or fear of bodily injury. These sexual activities are imposed upon them by someone they know (a friend, date, acquaintance, etc.).  Click here to read the rest of this article from RAINN.org.  

The beginning of the RapeVine Blog

Finally, I decided “It’s Time To Take Action!” I have been thinking, planning, praying and talking to myself about doing a blog about Rape and Sexual Assault for approximately three years but my lack of knowledge on blogging and writing kept me from doing it. The more I prepared for it, the more I thought I needed to […]

Hello World!

Hi there! Our names are Patty and Ralph Jackson. I’m glad you are here because that means you are looking for information and support on the subject of rape or sexual assault, specifically non-stranger rape and frequently referred to as acquaintance rape! We started this blog, because after I was raped I needed information: I […]